Monday, April 27, 2009

Click and Nominate Serenity Please!

We have a chance for a grant - please post a comment and help nominate Serenity at:

to help us qualify for a $2,000 grant, which we could use for our spring vet bill which would help us do shots and teeth for our rescues. It's also foal season, we have 3 foals right now (2 on the farm and one in foster care) and we could use the funding to help with those vet bills as well.

We work hard to not only rescue but to rehabilitate and help with criminal charges and prosecution of animal abusers, and hoarders. We also provide education to the public.

Your click and comment about Serenity can help us get some much needed funding!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

And He's Off!

Daryl was adopted and went home last week!

Once a racehorse at Churchill Downs, Cyclone Daryl became one of manyoff the track Thoroughbreds) to end up in rescue.

Healthy, sound and absolutely sweet this gelding won our hearts the moment he stepped onto the Serenity farm. It was hard to see him go, but he was adopted by a wonderful hunter/jumper barn and we can hardly wait to see how he shines in the show ring for them.
Congratulations to Daryl and his new family- be sure to keep us posted and send pictures!

Baby Pictures- Kat's new Filly

Kat had her foal- she was born a couple weeks ago and is doing great. Kat and her filly are being fostered right now, they are doing amazing. If you're interested in adopting (both will be available in approximately 6 months when the filly is weaned), let us know.

This beautiful mare was rescued by Serenity on her way to slaughter and she was 9 months pregnant. Because of her condition and pregnancy, we're paying off the vet bills that enabled her to have this precious baby- if you would like to donate to help we'd be thrilled. Every single dollar helps- no donation is too small to help a little filly.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tack and Yard Sale- May 2-3, 2009!


Saturday, May 2nd

It's time for a tack sale. We use a lot of our donated tack on the rescues, but we bridles, saddles, riding attire, blankets, halters, leg wraps and fly masks donated to sell, as well as some beautiful art, household items and clothing... we even have two arab costume tack sets (photos at right) to sell.

We appreciate your help in making the sale a success- we are collecting donated items to sell. Bring clean, usable items to us during our open hours on Sundays 11-2 or contact one of our coordinators to schedule a drop off or pick up.

Tara at (253) 230-1175 or email her at
Michaila at

Funds raised will primarily go to
  • vet bills (Destiny's hernia surgery, Kat's birth, and tooth floating for our new intakes)

  • hay (the cold winter has us using more hay than ever before, though we have less horses)
We appreciate donations and shoppers. if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us! If you can't attend but want to chip in a few dollars and donate, we welcome paypal donations of any size. Every single dollar helps! Click the button to donate with debit, credit card or paypal.